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Continuous Integration with Gitlab on Laravel

3rd February, 2019 by Amitav Roy
I have been practising test-driven development (TDD) for quite some time on projects where I was working alone or my own side projects. But when it comes to working with a team, you come up with new and very interesting challenges. I wanted to ensure that everyone runs PHPUnit before they commit code and yes there are chances even I can forget to check.

Laravel Register and Login controller and why we should modify it

30th October, 2018 by Amitav Roy
If you have ever used Laravel's auth setup even once, you know how much time it can potentially save when we just want to get going.

Why using a text editor can be a good practice during development

30th October, 2018 by Amitav Roy
Working with IDEs can for sure speed up our development, but using Text Editors for sure has some advantages which help us in long-term.